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Girl Genius Ringtones

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Agatha: "It is a glorious day, for SCIENCE!"

Agatha: "You can never have too much SCIENCE!"

Agatha: "Science calls, and you must answer!"

Agatha: "Science exists to answer your questions, you exist to answer your phone!"

Agatha: "Any sufficiently analyzied magic is indistinguishable from science."

Castle Heterodyne: "Answer your phone, or DIE!"

Castle Heterodyne: "Do not attempt to ignore me, human, I know you're there!"

Castle Heterodyne: "Oh, I can't wait to hear what this is about."

Castle Heterodyne: "Oh, joy! A chance to talk to one of your little friends!"

Mamma Gkika: "Hey dere, sveethot, answer hyu phone!"

Mamma Gkika: "Ho, Sveethot, put hyu hat back on. Ze phone iz ringing, und hyu never know who it might be."

Mamma Gkika: "Hey dere, hot schtuff, answer you phone!"

Mamma Gkika: "Hoy dere. Answer de phone. It might be hyu mamma!"

Mamma Gkika: "Hello, dere, sveethot!"

Mamma Gkika: "Ho ho, sumboddy's thinking about hyu."

Some Jäger: "Hey! Poot on hyu grown-op hat and answer de phone, already."

Some Jäger: "Hoy! Hello dere, Sveethot!"

Some Jäger: "Hoo-hoo! Time to put hyu talky-face on!"

Some Jäger: "Ho! Someboddy's tinking 'bout hyu!"

Othar: "Ha ha! Heed the call to Adventure!"

Othar: "A call! Is it friend, or foe? Hmm. Soon, you will know!"

Othar: "Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer, believes that you have a call."

Othar: "SCIENCE! has made this phone. But only you can answer it!"

Othar's super-sciency monster polka remix! by Cheyenne


Voices by Cheyenne Wright, Kaja Foglio and Phil Foglio!

Girl Genius is written by Professors Phil & Kaja Foglio of TPU, with drawings by Prof. P. Foglio.
Volume One was inked by Brian Snoddy. Volumes Two and Three were colored by Mark McNabb. Volume Four was colored by Laurie E. Smith. Cheyenne Wright is our current colorist. His work begins with Volume Five.

Girl Genius is a registered trademark of Studio Foglio, LLC. Agatha Heterodyne, Transylvania Polygnostic and all Girl Genius art, characters, design elements and logos™ & ©2000-2015 Studio Foglio, LLC., All rights reserved. Airship Entertainment™ is an imprint of Studio Foglio LLC, and publishes Girl Genius Graphic Novels on a yearly basis. Look for them in your favorite bookstore!

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